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Charlie Lindoerfer

Account Manager

Charlie LIndoerfer Inside Out Account ManagerIf Charlie’s last name sounds familiar, it’s because he is Dave Lindoerfer’s son.

Charlie never really liked the landscape industry and never really had aspirations of joining his father in the business. Maybe it was because Dave had made it clear that if Charlie wanted to enter the business, it would have to be “at the end of a shovel”.

It wasn’t until he entered into a serious relationship with his fiancée, Angela Thomas, that he began to think more clearly about his future and his earning potential. Charlie always had a unique skill for engines, mechanics and repair. His hand eye coordination for this work also served him well and he began with the company as the head mechanic and fleet manager.

Years later, after mastering the care and maintenance of our vehicle fleet and extensive inventory of 2 and 4 cycle equipment, Charlie trained his replacement, and moved into the position of Commercial Maintenance Account Manager.

Having spent so much time in the field, and “at the end of a wrench,” Charlie has gained a genuine appreciation and understanding of what it takes to provide top-quality service for his clients. His one year initiation and training to become an account manager was provided by Chuck Nethken, operations manager. Charlie has learned quickly and he continues to focus his efforts and skills on providing his customers with a keen attention to detail and a warm and friendly relationship.

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