Home and Garden Safety Tips

home and garden safety tipsHere at Inside Out Services, LLC we conduct regular safety training sessions for our employees. This is mandatory when your have a large team that utilizes equipment that can pose hazardous situations for both operators and bystanders as well as the physical property of our clients. The very same safety tips covered in our employee training sessions can also be applied directly to similar activities in the home and garden.

Preventing falls

Falls can cause serious injuries to operators as well as damage expensive commercial landscaping equipment.  Obstructions and slippery surfaces typically present the most dangerous hazards when it comes to falls.  Obstructions can be anything from a stone, a sprinkler head or a tangled hose. You want to always be aware of your environment and surroundings. This is the very same principle from law enforcement and military battlefield training known as “Situational Awareness.”

Ladder safety tips

When using a ladder, always use the “Four-to-One Rule”:  Place the bottom of the ladder ¼ of its vertical height from the building, e.g. 4 feet away for 16-foot ladder. The top of a leaning ladder should always be 36 inches higher than the level at which you are working and never stand on the top two rungs of a ladder.

ladder safety tips

When using a ladder, you always want to be sure you maintain at least 3-points of contact:  Either two feet and one hand, or one foot and two hands in contact with the steps of the ladder.

Observe the location of electrical wires.  Stay clear of electrical lines and lighting fixtures – both when working indoors or outside. This is especially critical when working with metal ladders.

Lawn maintenance safety tips

Always inspect the area you are going to cut before you even start the mower. Be on the lookout for trash or other debris that can ruin your blade, or worse. Stones can become projectiles that could seriously injure you or someone nearby. Eye protection is also recommended when operating lawn maintenance equipment.

mower and weed eater safety tips

It’s extremely important that eye protection be worn when operating weed eaters. Also, never walk backwards when operating a weed eater. Falling backwards over an obstacle or stepping into an unseen divot while using a running weed eater can cause serious injury.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t be in a hurry. It’s better not to get your landscape chores finished than to risk an injury! 

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