Kids Learn about Green Industry on Career Day

green industry on career dayThere are many highlights of the school year including field trips, school plays, and of course, the last day of school. And lest we forget, there is also career day. Of all these activities, career day has the greatest potential to offer inspiration and a learning experience with a whole lot of fun thrown in for good measure!

For elementary school age students, career day is an opportunity to experience career paths that they may have never given a second thought. Children at this age typically dream of entering thrilling and glamorous professions such as becoming astronauts, firefighters and police officers, or possibly becoming the next American Idol winner. Parents with more down to earth professions get the opportunity via career day to present alternative career paths in an exciting and firsthand showcase.

Dave Kuemmerle, Manager, Interior Division, Hotels & Holiday Décor at Inside Out Services, was chosen to be the featured presenter at his daughter’s Career Day at Ashburton Elementary School in Bethesda, MD. Dave beat out stiff competition from parents in the medical, scientific, technology, and business fields. Apparently, the other parents didn’t stand a chance against a dad who works with all kinds of cool plants and puts up Christmas decorations for a living!

Dave put a lot of work into his presentation and took the students through a Power Point presentation covering four of the major services provided by Inside Out Services for commercial properties: Landscaping, Interiorscaping, Holiday and Snow Clearing.

The kids loved seeing a video of the AEI tree planting operation and pictures of the construction of a 24’ high Christmas tree at Mazza Gallerie from a few years back. They asked a lot of good questions during and after the presentation, and at the end, Dave gave each child a small pothos (Epipremnum aureum) plant to take home.

pothos plant for career day take home

We’re pretty sure he also gave them a new awareness of the green industry, who’s behind the beautiful plantscaping installations all around them, as well as a possible career path to consider someday!

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