Leaf Shine at Mazza Gallerie

leaf shine and horticultural oilThe Inside Out Services Interior Plantscaping team maintains a wide variety of installations. Many are within private offices and other facilities, however, we have a few on prominent view in spaces available to the public. One such interiorscaping project is at Mazza Gallerie in Friendship Heights, DC -- just across the District Line from Chevy Chase, MD. If you’ve ever taken the escalator at Mazza Gallerie, then you’ve gone right past some of our work. The series of potted plants (Agloanema Silver Bay) that run alongside the escalator were installed and are maintained by our Interior Plantscaping team.

Weekly visits by our team ensure that the plants are watered, health checked, and dusted to keep them looking their best. A pending walk-through of the Gallerie required a special visit by our Interior Plant Maintenance team to give the potted plants a little extra leaf shine. We thought it would be interesting to document the process of leaf shining and share it here in order to give readers an idea of what’s involved.

But first a little background on what is known as “horticultural oil.”

Horticultural oil benefits

A common use of horticultural oils is as an insect deterrent. These oils are typically petroleum-derived, but plant-based oils are also available. Impurities damaging to plants are removed during the manufacturing process and the oil is combined with emulsifiers so it can be mixed with water and then sprayed on plants.

Neem oil is a popular form of horticultural oil and is applied to woody plants to ward off pests such as spider mites and aphids. Pests and their eggs are effectively smothered by the oils and eventually die. Once the oil dries, it loses its pest control effect. The oils are non-selective and will also kill beneficial insects, so care in its use is advised.

A side benefit of horticultural oil is as a leaf shine and reducing dust accumulation on leaves. The thin coating that remains on the leaves after spraying can be buffed to a high sheen imparting a bright, shiny and healthy appearance to the plant. Below are photos of Inside Out Services plantscaping technician, Mario, applying horticultural oil to the plants at Mazza Gallerie and giving them a good buff.

Before leaf shine

Mazza Gallerie leaf shine

Mario shining leaves

Plantscaping tech applying leaf shine

Shiny leaves!

plant after leaf shine

What a difference! Mario and the Inside Out Services Interior Plantscaping team made sure everything was in top shape for the walkthrough at Mazza Gallerie. This is the kind of professional care and attention we deliver to clients regularly throughout the DC, MD and VA area. If you’re ready to bring some “shine” to your commercial facility, please use the handy contact form on our Interior Plantscaping Services page to request a free, no-obligation quote today!

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