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Rodent Control Services DC, MD and VA

Dealing with a rodent infestation - which most commonly is a rat infestation - requires blocking them at the source. You can hire a commercial pest control company to come to your property once a month to “exterminate” rodents, but unfortunately, you’re often locked into an expensive contract since their work is never really finished.  

Rodents always seem to be around despite monthly visits from the pest control company. Actually, DC pest control companies prefer it that way. After all, that’s how they keep the money flowing into their business and out of yours. In fact, the only thing that seems to keep flowing into yours… is rodents!

The Inside Out Services Rodent Control team takes a completely different approach: we stop rodents from taking up residence both inside and outside of your commercial property in the first place.

This begins with a thorough survey of the exterior of your property searching for evidence of rodent activity. We then identify areas where rats have been able to gain access and build nests. This is often in exterior foliage containers and planter beds. These kinds of planters are often constructed from concrete and many do not have a structural floor to prevent rodents from burrowing up into them and nesting.

The meticulous steps our team takes to rodent-proof these planters and beds are outlined below:

Remove existing foliage and soil

commercial rodent control services dc, md, va

Line planters with steel mesh that rodents can’t gnaw through

wire mesh rodent control services dc

rodent control wire mesh concrete planter dc, md, va

Add fresh soil

concrete planters rodent nesting problems in dc

Replant all foliage

rodent control services in dc foliage replanting concrete planter

The rodent-proof finished product!

commercial rodent control services dc planter project replanting

We also handle large-scale commercial rodent control projects in DC, MD and VA!

large scale rodent control services dc

It’s easy to see that a major component of this kind of work involves expertise in exterior landscaping practices and is not something we recommend entrusting to the “pest control” guys. They may be great at spraying around chemicals and setting traps, but anything more is going to be a stretch, especially when it comes to keeping green things alive and flourishing.

You can rest assured that our Rodent Control Services team is backed by all the necessary landscaping experience to handle the job and deliver a long-lasting solution with the kind of visual results you can be proud of. If you’re ready to deal with your commercial rodent control problem once and for all, then please use the form to the right to request a free, no-obligation quote today!

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