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11 Nov

Winter Hanging Baskets

Summer’s spent hanging flower pots don’t have to spend all winter in the garage. Replant and revitalize them with festive cool weather-hardy plants just in time for the holidays....

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10 Oct

Dogscaping for a Dog Friendly Yard

Chances are your canine family member spends more time out in the yard than you do. Autumn is a good time to review the home landscape design and make...

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16 Sep

Houseplant Trends for Fall

Just when you thought your window sills had reached their fill, another tempting houseplant plant trend arrives. Tropical plants with bizarre and beautiful stripes and patterns have hit the...

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12 Sep

Controlling Fall Allergies in the Yard and Garden

When it comes to working or relaxing in the park, yard, or garden, those who suffer from seasonal allergies often pay a price during the fall months. In susceptible...

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07 Sep

Combating Indoor Plant Pests

Your interior plantscaping contractor creates interior landscape designs, then selects and installs quality indoor plants from reputable growers. Using a professional assures that the office plants in your hotel,...

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08 Jul

Poison Ivy Isn’t the Only Irritating Plant of Summer

Nothing can put a damper on a restful summer’s eve faster than the uncontrollable itch caused by an irritating plant. And while avoiding “leaflets three” is good advice, allergies...

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