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15 Jan

Importance of Hygiene in Office Plant Maintenance

When you hire an interior landscaping company, you are contracting not just design and installation, but healthy plantscapes that should continue to look good over time. Plant replacements cost money,...

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17 Dec

Christmas Tree Care: Keeping it Ever Green for the Holidays

Add up the time spent shopping for a Christmas tree, untangling and installing lights, and hanging precious ornaments and you quickly realize you have quite an investment sitting in...

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12 Dec

A Blooming Cactus for Almost Every Holiday

If Grandma gave you a cutting of her favorite Christmas cactus, you might want to learn to properly identify it as it could be one of three different holiday...

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17 Nov

Consider Succulents for adding variety to Commercial Interiorscapes

While commercial interiorscapes are usually built around installations of tropical and subtropical plants, surprisingly, succulent plants also have a role to play. Succulents naturally bring wide open sandy deserts...

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14 Oct

Artificial Plants and Trees for Interiorscaping

Artificial plants and trees have received a bad rap over the years. They have earned the same reputation for tackiness in home d├ęcor alongside knotty pine rec room paneling,...

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19 Aug

Interiorscaping at True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is a nationwide chain of healthy food restaurants. Their menu features a rotating selection of fresh, locally-sourced items including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Physician and healthy...

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