Category: Horticulture

21 Jan

Top Ten Hard to Kill Houseplants

Yep. Another list of houseplants for newbie gardeners with black thumbs. What’s different about this one? For starters, it’s got the expertise of an interiorscaping technician behind it. Additionally,...

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16 Jan

Dealing With Houseplant Problems

“My name is Jane. I kill houseplants.” Fess up. This is you. You fell in love with those “Monstera Monday” photos online and promptly filled your windowsill with a...

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28 Dec

Christmas Tree Recycling for a Greener Post-Holiday

While Epiphany or Candlemas signal the official end of the Christmas season, many revelers take down the decorations and pitch the tree right after New Year’s Day. Some, even...

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15 Dec

Artists as Plant Lovers

Artists have long captured the vibrant color of flowers, the green of lush landscapes or focused on the intricacies of beautiful botanical forms. When the cold, stormy weather outside...

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04 Dec

Are Live Christmas Trees a Green Option?

While the first record of a decorated Christmas tree goes back to early sixteenth century Latvia, in the United States, the custom traces its beginnings to early German immigrants....

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28 Nov

Air Plants Care and Growth

Another houseplant trend of 2018 could fill the Christmas stocking of your favorite plant lover. Although hardly new as novelty plant specimens, tillandsias, or air plants, are appearing more frequently...

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