Category: Horticulture

24 Jun

Be Kind to Pollinators Week

Perhaps you missed “National Pollinator Week” last week, a U.S. Senate-designated now international celebration that calls attention to declining pollinator populations. What’s a pollinator? Thinking back to fifth grade...

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17 Jun

Architectural Plants for Mid-Atlantic Gardens

Dramatic and architectural are not terms one would normally associate with plantings in the home landscape. But planting striking “architectural” plants is a garden design technique landscape architects have...

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31 May

Color Rotation for Indoor Plants

Few interior plantscaping staffers work harder than on the days when new plants arrive and older plants in commercial installations are replaced or “rotated.” Usually, the plants on rotation...

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05 May

Bedding Plants for Summer Gardens

Plant merchandisers for nurseries and big box stores offer a good selection of early summer bedding plants this month. Most plants for your yard and veggie garden have the...

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15 Jan

Importance of Hygiene in Office Plant Maintenance

When you hire an interior landscaping company, you are contracting not just design and installation, but healthy plantscapes that should continue to look good over time. Plant replacements cost money,...

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17 Dec

Christmas Tree Care: Keeping it Ever Green for the Holidays

Add up the time spent shopping for a Christmas tree, untangling and installing lights, and hanging precious ornaments and you quickly realize you have quite an investment sitting in...

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