Category: Horticulture

12 Dec

A Blooming Cactus for Almost Every Holiday

If Grandma gave you a cutting of her favorite Christmas cactus, you might want to learn to properly identify it as it could be one of three different holiday...

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17 Nov

Consider Succulents for adding variety to Commercial Interiorscapes

While commercial interiorscapes are usually built around installations of tropical and subtropical plants, surprisingly, succulent plants also have a role to play. Succulents naturally bring wide open sandy deserts...

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12 Aug

Cool Down Your Landscape with Purple Plants

The use of color in the garden is an important design factor. And although the selection of color can be very personal, there are some basic principles that can...

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14 May

Best Interiorscaping Plants

It’s been well-established that interiorscaping not only improves indoor air quality, but also goes a long way towards improving the mood and productivity of office workers. What’s not always...

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10 Mar

Commercial Landscape Spring Checklist

Spring has been in the air – off and on – for several weeks now in the DC, MD and VA region. Many of the signs are around: tulips...

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16 Sep

Don’t Allow Your Grass To Lie There Naked!

The benefits of topdressing when aerating and overseeding Many folks know that this time of year is the ideal time to make improvements to your lawn. Aerating and overseeding...

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