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Commercial Rodent Control DC

commercial rodent control dc

Let’s face it – rodent problems are a subject that most DC commercial property owners are not comfortable discussing – at least openly. It’s a problem that many business owners and property managers hope would simply go away and in many cases, that’s the approach they take.

It’s not until guests or customers become aware that rodents have infested your property that you can no longer ignore the fact that you indeed have a rodent problem.

Wait too long and you may find yourself with an even larger problem when your establishment is forced to close down until you have effectively dealt with your rodent problem. The cost in terms of lost business due to down time, not to mention possible irreparable damage to your business’s reputation, can far exceed the cost of jumping on the problem early in the game.

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It’s no secret DC has a rodent problem

If your business is located within the District of Columbia then there’s a good chance that you either have a rodent problem or will shortly. And since we’re speaking frankly, what you really have is a rat problem. Rats are about as common on the streets of DC as confused and overheated tourists in August. But rats are anything but confused. They are masters of hiding themselves and also of breaking and entering. Washington, DC has a long and storied history with rats dating back to the first colonists.

The sight of one or two rats in or near your commercial property represents just the tip of the iceberg. There are most likely hundreds more burrowed into the recesses of your building and many more just outside your walls looking for a way in.

Does your building back up to an alley way?

Many buildings in the city do. And alleys contain a great source of food for rodents in the form of dumpsters and trash receptacles. The only other requirement is a warm place out of the elements for them to nest, breed, and do their “business.”

Establishments that store or serve food are most at risk, but any business located within the city limits is a potential target of rats. Even food service businesses that strictly follow the public health codes are vulnerable. At some point, your commercial DC property is likely to experience an encounter with rodents.

It’s simply a fact of operating a business in an urban area. And to make matters worse, the surge of construction projects within DC stirs up rat habitats driving them out to seek new homes – like your commercial building!

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Engineering Commercial Rodent Control at the source

Rats find their way into your building by first being lured to it by a food source such as a dumpster in an alley as mentioned previously. Next, they often build nests in outdoor structures. Planters and gardening containers holding flowers, shrubbery, and small trees make ideal nesting areas.

Rats can easily burrow into these containers by gnawing through the bottoms of plastic containers or simply burrowing under concrete planters without structural bottoms. Once nested in these containers they have ready access to nearby food sources and will gladly make themselves right at home.

If these containers surround an outdoor dining or beverage area, then it’s only a matter of time before guests and your rodent inhabitants will encounter one another. When that happens, look out and hold your ears. The shrieks will be deafening!

When the weather turns colder, rats are drawn to the interior of your building. Rats can slip through the narrowest of openings in an outer wall or foundation the size of a quarter. Once inside, rats will continue to multiply. A breeding pair can produce over 2000 offspring during their short lives. And rats are able to breed when they’re just three months old!

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Our DC Commercial Rodent Control Services

We first inspect and assess your commercial rodent problem. We look for evidence of rats in the form of droppings, nests, and signs of burrowing. We also look for places where they have gained entry to the interior of your building or where they could in the future. Our Commercial Rodent Control Services specialist will then prepare a proposal for your review within 48 hours.

As a commercial landscaping company, Inside Out Services, LLC is uniquely qualified to expertly handle all aspects of soil replacement and replanting of all removed foliage. Our crews are also trained on exterior structure sealing. Please view our page on rodent barrier methods for a detailed step-by-step demonstration of our rodent-proofing process. This will make it very clear why our rodent control services are head and shoulders above our competition. Would you trust the “bug guy” with digging up and replanting your expensive exterior landscaping?

And the really good news is that our commercial rodent control services should be a one-time encounter. No monthly service contract is required like with most pest control companies!

We take care of your rodent problem at the source, so rats get frustrated and seek more welcoming accommodations. If you’re ready to deal with your DC rodent control problem, then use the quote form to the right to get a free, no obligation quote today!

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