Drip Irrigation Systems and Retrofit Conversions

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Drip Irrigation Systems and Retrofit Conversions

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Drip irrigation is a popular alternative to traditional sprinkler systems. For large expanses of turf, sprinklers are the way to go. Modern sprinkler systems are computer-designed and computer-controlled for optimal water delivery. But for some commercial landscaping installations, such as those with lots of shrubbery or plants, sprinklers are not the ideal solution and present the following issues:

  • Overspray on paved surfaces and walkways causing slippery conditions
  • Wastage due to overspray
  • Difficulty delivering controlled amounts of water to shrubs and plants
  • May be more expensive to install, maintain and operate for certain installations

The solution for installations experiencing these sprinkler-related issues is to opt for a drip irrigation system – either newly installed or via a drip irrigation retrofit conversion.

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Drip Irrigation Advantages

Sprinkler irrigation systems are great for broad coverage of large areas of grass such as golf courses or smaller lawns at the entrance of a commercial building or in public spaces. Sprinkler heads come in multiple varieties offering a wide range of coverage. Most commercial sprinkler heads are designed to pop up when in use and then retract when shut off to facilitate mowing and to remove tripping hazards.

As noted in the list above, certain landscaping installations consisting mainly of shrubs and plants require a more precise means of irrigation. Sprinklers are less effective in such cases. A more targeted and precise water delivery system is called for. Fortunately, drip irrigation systems are just the ticket!

In addition to delivering water where it’s needed most, in the exact amount with little wastage, a drip irrigation system also has several other key advantages:

  • Drip irrigation systems are easier to install
  • Easier installation and simpler components makes drip irrigation a more affordable solution
  • Simpler components make for simpler maintenance, further lowering cost of ownership
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Jessie Plater, Irrigation Systems Manager

Drip Irrigation Retrofit Projects

You may be thinking that drip irrigation sounds great for your exterior landscaping installation, but you already have an elaborate sprinkler system in place and may be wondering what’s it all going to cost to rip the existing system out and how much damage will it cause to your grass and expensive plantings?

Relax! There’s a simple and very affordable solution: a drip irrigation retrofit.

Retrofitting is converting spray heads over to drip irrigation. Companies such as Rain Bird and Hunter manufacturer excellent retrofit solutions. Their retrofit kits are compatible with most modern sprinkler heads making the retrofit installation straightforward. The video below demonstrates the retrofit process:

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