Greens Walls Design, Installation and Maintenance

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Green Walls Design, Installation and Maintenance

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Green walls or living walls and vertical gardens and even “bio walls” as they’re also called, are a distinctive way to bring greenery indoors. Much like interior plantscaping installations, green walls provide the same benefits. Improved air quality, noise reducing properties, and increased productivity are just a few. The aesthetic possibilities of vertical green walls are almost limitless and this aspect takes office plants to an entirely new level!

The options for placing green walls are also virtually unlimited. We always stress the importance of making a great first impression and a green wall to greet visitors to your property in an atrium or reception area can really get things off to a strong start with visitors to your place of business.

Green Wall Design

Our Interior Division kicks every project off with a thorough discussion with all green wall clients. Your needs, vision and budget will be carefully considered to ensure that the final product will exceed your expectations.

Living wall systems come in several varieties of formats and choosing the appropriate one for your site is the first step in the design process. We offer living wall systems from a variety of manufacturers and choose the one that will be the best solution for your particular project.

Our Interiorscaping designers will then use state of the art design software to layout the support system for your green wall. Visualization features are finally applied to present a realistic rendering of what the final installation will look like with the selected plants in place. Depending on the scope of the green wall installation, an irrigation system will also be specified, designed and installed.

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Green Wall System Installation

With the design finalized and materials and foliage acquired, our team will then make arrangements to have your green wall installed by the most highly trained and experienced professionals in the business.

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Living Wall Maintenance

The final piece of any commercial landscaping project is making arrangements for the maintenance of your installation. The majority of living walls will include an irrigation system. Most are tied into an existing water source, while others require manual filling of reservoirs.


All living materials require regular maintenance and inspection, and Inside Out Services offers excellent green wall maintenance services.  Our service visits include inspection of the system and all plants.

Dead leaves and debris are cleaned out, and leaves and vines are trimmed as needed. And like all of our interior plant service agreements, all plants are guaranteed for their health and appearance, so your living vertical garden always looks as full and lush as the day it was installed!

If you’re ready to take your interior plantscaping vertical, then please submit a request for a free, no-obligation consultation using our quick and easy quote form!

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