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16 Sep

Don’t Allow Your Grass To Lie There Naked!

The benefits of topdressing when aerating and overseeding

Many folks know that this time of year is the ideal time to make improvements to your lawn. Aerating and overseeding your lawn can greatly improve its health, but if you add one more step you can bring it from beautiful to pristine! Adding a thin layer of high-quality screened top soil, known as topdressing, can fill-in low spots as well as bare areas as well as help make the entire lawn more level and smooth. Topdressing can help you make your lawn not just beautiful but pristine! 

Topdressing is the uniform application of a thin later (typically 1/8”-1/2”) of soil or organic material over the surface of the turf. This practice actually has many benefits other than just improved aesthetics. It can help control thatch and increase nutrient retention. Topdressing can help improve drainage by leveling and smoothing the turf surface. It also increases natural resistance to insects and diseases.
The best time to topdress is right after aeration and overseeding. The additional layer of soil will fill the holes, cover seed, and provide ideal conditions for the seed to germinate. Applying the soil when dry will allow for easy spreading and improved coverage. Mowing before the process will also insure uniform coverage, and dragging the areas and irrigation immediately afterward only improve your chances of getting the results you desire. 
In summary, topdressing can solve many problems. While it is not the “silver bullet” that will fix everything, it is well worth the effort. When you add topdressing to your fall routine of aerating and overseeding, it means you’re investing in your lawn now, and you’re going to reap the rewards in the Spring! 

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