Indoor Plant Maintenance in DC, MD, VA

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Indoor Plant Maintenance in DC, MD, VA

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A vital part of an interior plantscaping installation is scheduled maintenance. If you have plants in your home or office, then you probably know that without regular watering, that the foliage with soon droop and even turn brown. Neglect watering them long enough, and you’re guaranteed and dead plant or plants in short order. Many people have enough trouble simply keeping one plant alive. Multiply this several times and you’ll find yourself with a forest of dead plants.

And water is just the beginning. Plants, like animals, also require nutrition in order to sustain life and relying on what nutrients are in the potting soil won’t cut it as these soil-based nutrients are quickly exhausted by the plant’s nutritional needs. Much like how a hungry family will quickly empty the fridge between trips to the grocery store. Like the family fridge, a plant’s soil also needs to be replenished on a regular basis.

Indoor plants with large leaves act as dust magnets, especially many of the large tropical indoor plants. It may seem strange that plant leaves also need to be dusted on a regular basis along with your office furniture, but the large, flat surface area of plant leaves act as a welcoming spot for dust accumulation just like the top of your office desk. In addition to regular watering and feeding you also need to factor in regular foliage dusting. It’s beginning to sound like a lot of work, right?

Indoor Door Plant Maintenance from Inside Out Services includes all of these time-consuming tasks along with several others that set us apart among commercial plant maintenance companies. We also provide seasonal blooming rotations and guarantee replacement of any less than hardy plants. Our courteous, uniformed plant maintenance technicians deliver prompt and unobtrusive service at your facility. Please use the contact form below to request a free, no obligation quote for our Interior Plant Maintenance service.

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