Interior Plantscaping Installations

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Interior Plantscaping Installations

interior plantscaping installations

The Inside Out Services Interior Plant Maintenance division offers exceptional office plant design, installation, and maintenance services throughout the DC, MD, and VA Metro areas for businesses of any size. Whether your business requires a more traditional, dignified atmosphere, or you are looking for the latest in contemporary shapes, colors and materials, our Interior Plantscaping Division can meet your needs. We even offer green walls design, installation and maintenance. Let our expert designers come up with a look that will be sure to enhance the morale of your staff and impress your clients and visitors to your facility.

Custom Interior Plant Design

At Inside Out Services, we offer free, no obligation site visits for those interested in interior plant service so we can physically experience your interior space. While on-site, we talk to you about which locations you may wish to enhance with plants, trees, tropical varieties, or flowers as well as your goals and vision for a green interior.

We take photographs of those areas and put together a customized design using state of the art interiorscaping design software. This assures an installation that’s perfect for your office and your tastes.

This imaging software can show you exactly what a plant and decorative container will look like in YOUR office. These plantscaping images are a great aid for clients to make their choice(s) of plants and decorative containers – much more effective than simply looking at photos of plants and containers in a book or pamphlet!

Colorful Flowering Indoor Plants

We also offer blooming rotation programs that add that extra bit of color to your reception desk, seating areas and conference rooms. We can especially enhance these areas with a myriad of flowering accent plants that stand alone or are combined in unique ways, to make a beautiful presentation. And for truly innovative interiorscaping solutions, we also offer green walls (also known as “living walls”) installations and maintenance.

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Our Commercial Plant Maintenance Service and Our People

Inside Out Services will make regular maintenance visits to water, clean, groom and fertilize your plants, ensuring that they always look fresh, full and lush. An important aspect of these visits is the implementation of indoor plant hygiene, which not only helps to ward off disease, but also keeps plants looking their best.

And all of our plants carry a 100% guarantee on their health and appearance. Commercial plant maintenance is performed by our friendly, uniformed Service Technicians, who are thoroughly trained in horticulture science. Our technicians will ensure that your plants and flowers always look their best to enhance your work environment.

And speaking of environment, did you know that tropical plants and trees actually help to improve the air quality in an office? Plants have also been shown to increase productivity by reducing stress and blocking out background noise. It’s amazing how a few well-placed tropical plants and decorative containers can completely transform an office space! Please use the contact form below to receive a free quote, and see what Inside Out Services can do for you!

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