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06 Jan

Commercial Snow Removal Equipment

At first glance, most people would think that clearing snow basically consists of large snow plows and salt trucks and possibly the occasional snow blower and lone hand shovel for clearing walkways. After all, it’s not exactly rocket science, right? Well, for us in the trenches – and snow mounds – season after season, we respectfully beg to disagree.

As mentioned in a previous post on advance planning for commercial landscaping services, marshaling crews to respond to winter storm events is akin to an army preparing for battle. In addition to the manpower required, the “army” must be outfitted with the proper materiel and equipment in order to successfully wage battle. At Inside Out Services, our commercial snow and ice removal crews use a vast array of motorized equipment for efficient and effective snow and ice clearing.

Continuing with the military comparison, heavy machinery is used to clear roadways and parking lots much like tanks and heavy artillery clear the way for advancing troops. Mid-range vehicles deploy toward the rear for more surgical clearing operations much like Humvees and armored vehicles. Finally, foot soldiers outfitted with an array of weaponry perform mop up operations.  

Below is the complete list of the equipment in the Inside Out commercial snow removal arsenal:

Plow trucks

plow truck
Plow truck

Inside Out Services maintains a fleet of dozens of plow trucks. These are essential for clearing snow from roadways, drives, and parking lots whether accumulation is only a few inches or a foot or more. The heavy, steel blades on these trucks can move a massive amount of snow and can get things cleared quickly at your facility. They truly are the workhorses of our commercial snow removal fleet!


backhoe snow removal
Backhoe removing snow

Most people associate backhoes with heavy construction and trenching operations, but they’re an invaluable piece of equipment for snow removal operations as well. They can get into tight places such as corners of parking lots to clear out that last area of snow coverage. Backhoes are also essential in moving snow piles around when they become large.

Spreader trucks

spreader truck
Spreader truck

As their name implies, spreader trucks are how ice melt products, such as salt, get applied to roadways and other paved surfaces. We deploy spreader trucks early during a snow or ice event to make road surfaces passable during the storm.

Spreader trucks are sometimes called back into action after plowing operations have completed, especially when there’s been a heavy accumulation of snow and a thin layer of ice and snow remains after plowing. This way, the melting process is accelerated and paved surfaces can quickly get to a safe and passable state.

Skid steers

Skid steers, like backhoes, are typically used in construction and large exterior landscaping operations. For our snow and ice clearing crews, they are the perfect tool for plowing out individual parking spaces. They can get into tight spaces that our large plow trucks are unable to safely reach. This goes a long way towards protecting curbs, lampposts, shrubbery, and anything else that could be in the way of a heavy-duty snow plow.

The movable blade on a skid steer allows our operators to deftly maneuver snow out of tight spaces and away from already cleared areas such as sidewalks. They truly are a precision commercial snow removal tool!


All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are a hybrid piece of snow removal equipment. They combine the advantages and features of snow plows and skid steers and allow us to reach places that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to access. The traction and maneuverability skid steers possess provides for easier clearing of snow from hilly and uneven terrain.

Snow blowers

Snow blower at night

No commercial snow removal operation would be complete without a few snow blowers.  At Inside Out Services we deploy snow blowers to clear walkways and facility entrances. Snow blowers are an indispensable tool for clearing powdery snow from concrete surfaces in a hurry!

Push spreaders

Salt and other ice melt products not only need to be applied to roadways and parking lots, but especially to sidewalks, entranceways, and outdoor steps. Providing a safe, non-slip environment on the approach to your facility is crucial for protecting your visitors and tenants from injury. Push spreaders are made to broadcast ice melt products in a tight radius across such surfaces.

Meta: Commercial snow removal contractors use a wide variety of equipment. We start large and work smaller for the highest quality snow removal in DC, MD and VA.

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