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Office Plant Services in DC, MD, VA

Office Plant Services DC

Plants in the office not only improve air-quality but office plants have also been shown to boost employee morale. The last point is probably just common sense, but it still requires some convincing within certain industries.

Given the choice, would you prefer to work in a sparse office environment (known as a “lean” space) completely devoid of anything green and alive or a “green” space with decorative containers holding a variety of lush foliage?

Simply closing your eyes and imagining the two spaces should make your choice abundantly clear.

It may seem like the simple solution is to purchase a small selection of potted plants from your local garden center and check that task off your move in list, however, unless, someone on your staff has been trained in interior design, along with a background in horticulture and a touch of luck, you may find the results less than satisfying.

Selecting just the right plants that will thrive in your office space and enhance the image you wish to project to visitors and staff alike requires both experience and careful analysis. This is where an office plant services company servicing the DC, MD, and VA area such as Inside Out Services comes into play.

Interior Plantscaping

The practice of designing with indoor plants is often referred to as “Interior Plantscaping” or simply “Plantscaping.” And as the name implies, this is landscape design for indoor environments.

We consult with clients as to how best to incorporate decorative containers, plants, flowers and even trees into their existing décor, while still meeting their budgetary needs. We then take photos of the areas that will be enhanced with interior plants. These are the “before” photos. Then using advanced interiorscaping design software, we overlay foliage and containers in order to visualize the completed installation. Examples of this process in “before” and “after” photos are displayed below:

Office Plant Installation

Once our clients have reviewed and approved the interior plant design and installation visualizations, we schedule a convenient time to perform the installation. A critical piece of our office plant services is maintenance. Our uniformed and courteous interior plant technicians service our clients’ office plant installation.

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