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19 Aug

Interiorscaping at True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is a nationwide chain of healthy food restaurants. Their menu features a rotating selection of fresh, locally-sourced items including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Physician and healthy living advocate, Dr. Andrew Weil, consulted on the menu which is based around his popular anti-inflammatory diet – a diet that is claimed to ward off or lessen the effects of cardiovascular disease, auto-immune disorders, and even cancer. The DC metro area recently saw the opening of a spacious True Food Kitchen restaurant on Wisconsin Ave. in Bethesda, MD. We were thrilled when Inside Out Services was selected to provide both interiorscaping and exterior enhancement services for the new restaurant.

The Bethesda location of True Food Kitchen appears to be a certified hit and is typically packed on weekends. Washington Post food critic, Tom Sietsema awarded it two-stars in a recent review which translates to “good.” This is notable since Mr. Sietsema — by some accounts– is accused of not being too fond of restaurants located in Bethesda.

Our teams faced a tight deadline with a June opening date, but rose to the occasion. They installed rows of built-in planters in which snake plants otherwise known as “Mother-in-law’s-tongue.”  Their official horticultural name is Sansevieria Laurentii, which comes in many varieties. Laurentii was chosen because it was a good match for the seating color. Final touches consisted of small clay pots of succulents adorning the 200 tables and a series of rolling herb carts containing fragrant herbs such as basil, rosemary, and chives. Our Exterior Enhancement team set up outdoor containers in which small shrubs were planted.

Things went so well with the Bethesda True Food Kitchen location that we were contracted to provide the same services to the already opened Fairfax location. The Fairfax, VA location presented a slightly different set of challenges beginning with plants directly planted in soil in built-in planters. Soil beds inside — especially in a restaurant – present too much of an invitation for pests. And since the Fairfax location was already operational, our team came in early to perform their work prior to the kitchen staff beginning preparations for the busy lunch hour.

rolling herb cart
Rolling herb cart
snake plants
Snake plants along booths

The first order of business was to remove all of the old plants and soil from the indoor planters. The planters were then lined with plastic overflow pans for each individual plant. An additional benefit to this method is that when a plant needs to be replaced, it can simply be removed and a new one set in its place. The alternative would have been a messy process with the likelihood of getting dirt on the seating while digging out the old plants.

Like much of our work around the DC metro area, you may encounter and admire it, but not know that we were behind it. Now’s your chance to enjoy delicious and healthy cuisine at two DC area locations of True Food Kitchen while appreciating the handiwork of the talented Interiorscaping and Exterior Enhancements teams at Inside Out Services!

Inside Out Service staff getting it done before lunch rush!

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