Cristian Figueroa

Personal Information

  • Name : Cristian Figueroa
  • Job : Exterior Enhancement Manager
  • Phone : 301-588-2002
  • Email :

About Cristian

Cristian Figueroa has been with Inside Out Services for six years. Cris started out as an enhancement supervisor.  His organizational skills and incredibly hard work ethic allowed him to crush labor hours on jobs and turn out a finished product that every one of his customers were thrilled with and excited about.

Cris graduated from Technological University of Honduras with a degree in Communications Engineering.  His technical background and skills are some of the strongest in the company.

As Cris was exposed to larger projects with more diverse skill requirements, managers began to realize he was being underutilized in his role as enhancement supervisor. In the summer of 2014 an enhancement manager’s position became available and all Inside Out managers agreed the position should be filled by Cris.

As his job title implies, he is responsible for all exterior landscape enhancements. But what are enhancements? In exterior landscaping, enhancements include everything from installing annual flowers, shrubs and trees, to constructing drainage systems and retaining walls, to entirely reshaping the terrain of a landscape.

Cristian and his crews have installed 30’ tall trees that needed to be brought in on tractor trailers and his team has completed dozens of projects that required the use of cranes, special permits and specialized equipment! Any type or size project that will enhance the appearance of a commercial property, Cristian has done, and done it well!

Cristian also just can’t seem to get enough of the outdoors. When not working, he spends much of his free time hiking. He is also an avid photographer and uses this skill to provide our website and blogs with some of our best photos.

Cristian is also very popular with our clients because he loves a good challenge and always finds the best and most economical way to meet their needs.