Jessie Plater

Personal Information

  • Name : Jessie Plater
  • Position : Irrigation Systems Manager
  • Phone : 301-388-2202
  • Email :

About Jessie

Not too many things in the exterior landscaping industry are as important as water for keeping turf and foliage looking their best.  That’s why it is critical that irrigation systems are kept in perfect working condition — and most people have no idea how complicated these systems can be.

Jessie Plater is the Manager of our Irrigation Department, and he is definitely the right man for this demanding job.

Jessie has more than 17 years experience in the field. He has designed and installed all types of systems, from simple dripline setups for small planter beds, to enormous commercial properties, utilizing computer systems with hundreds of different irrigation zones. He continuously updates his technical knowledge base, in order to keep up with this ever-evolving industry.

Jessie’s easygoing manner and ability to explain complicated technical issues in easily understandable terms, makes him one of our most “popular” managers with our customers and employees. Our clients quickly put their trust and confidence in Jessie’s expertise.